Taqueria El Fogon

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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 10:00 AM - 9:45 PM
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1050 Flushing Ave.
(Flushing Ave. Between Knickerbocker Ave. & Noll St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11237
(718) 497-7445
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Top reviews from seamless.com

| 62 ratings | 34 reviews »
    This place is dope. Definitely on the authentic side. Whoever disagrees obviously likes to go to taco bell instead.
    Written by Miguel M. on 4/27/2013 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2011
    Miguel M. ordered from here over a year ago.
    Great mexican food- try some of the not so typical to fare tacos
    Written by Joseph T. on 12/7/2012 | 3 other reviews | Member since 2012
    Joseph T. ordered from here over a year ago.
    Great, authentic Mexican food. I've been ordering here for about a year now and have tried many of the dishes. They're not the fastest delivery, but everything has always been hot and fresh when I got it. The Burrito Mojado is a real standout; it's a gigantic wet burrito with a very tasty chili sauce slathered all over it. Like all wet burritos, you'll be eating this one with a fork and knife, not picking it up. Their other burritos are good but so improbably large that you can't really eat them by hand, either; I would recommend sticking with more traditional fare. For some examples of that, try the Alambre, which is (in the Southern, rather than Northern, Mexican style) a skillet-cooked mixture of meat, veggies, and cheese. Think of it like fajitas, except actually Mexican. Or the Parrillada, which is a similar mixed grill of all meats. For a vegetarian option, give the Chili Relleno a try. (Also, I haven't had the Nopales--grilled cactus--at this place, but I've had it other places and if prepared well it is an excellent veggie dish.) The stuff you can get at any Mexican place is also great here: Sincronizadas, Quesadillas, Enchiladas (both Mole and Suizas), and Tacos. That's all I've tried, so I can't speak for the other stuff. They're open for breakfast, too! On the weekends, they have an awesome hangover-cure goat tacos for two in the morning, which is simply awesome. As for the bad? The guacamole is sub-par. It's practically pureed. The Tacos Dorados are sometimes left in the fryer way too long, and all you get is charred meat and rock-hard tortillas. That particular mistake is inexcusable; it's easy to do in a busy kitchen, but when you do it, you toss the mess you made and start over.
    Written by Christopher P. on 12/1/2012 | 19 other reviews | Member since 2010
    Christopher P. ordered from here over a year ago.
    the best
    Written by Teng P. on 9/30/2012 | 2 other reviews | Member since 2012
    Teng P. ordered from here over a year ago.
    food always comes fast- consistently good. our favorite mexican restaurant in the neighborhood.
    Written by Brian D. on 7/25/2012 | 8 other reviews | Member since 2011
    Brian D. ordered from here over a year ago.